Our Story

The founder Jeff Griffith was originally born to Avelino Quiseng and Aida Juarez. Jeff lost his father at a very young age and Aida married his soon to be stepfather Larry Griffith. Not realizing that he was adopted until later in life, Jeff wanted to discover the family that he never knew in Hawaii. At 18 He temporarily moved in with his uncle Benny Quiseng in Wahiawa and enjoyed meeting his huge Filipino side of the family throughout the islands. While working on the interisland American Hawaiian Cruises Cruise Ships as a waiter, he got to enjoy the beauty of the islands and started to understand the authenticity of the aloha spirit and deep heritage of the Hawaiian people. Like many mainlanders that decide to embrace the idea of making Hawaii their home, he started to notice the amazing qualities that make the islands so magical. Besides the obvious differences in beauty, weather and culture, there are also the not so obvious differences that can inspire the world. Local’s attitudes about food, family and humor are just a few areas about life that are only found in Hawaii.

Always wanting to be an entrepreneur, Jeff saw an opportunity to start a T-shirt line that could express the uniqueness of the islands that are positive and promotes a way of life that the whole world should imitate. Being from the mainland but making Hawaii his home created a different perspective that inspired the name Hawaiian Attitude for the clothing line.

Locals and non-locals have been supporting Hawaiian Attitude for over 30 years at Hawaiian and Polynesian themed events in Hawaii and the mainland. We wanted to show our appreciation for all of your support,  so we created a website that could deliver that Island pride right to your door. In addition, we’ve expanded our line to offer great performance wear with Hawaiian A.M.A (Armor Mana Apparel). We have also researched and continue to try and find the best providers that will use the latest technology available to handle your orders.

Mahalo for your continued support and and we look forward meeting you at an event. Please connect with us on Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter for the latest gear and updates!!